MIRRA | Emily King: Distance
Francesca Mirra is a creative director and multi-disciplinary artist based in New York City.
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Emily King: Distance

Category: Event Production


“Distance” by Emily King from the new album ‘The Switch’

Written by Emily King
Produced by Jeremy Most


Director: Paul Jung / pauljung.co.uk
Executive Producer: Bande des Quatres / bandedesquatres.com
1st Assistant Director: Erin Wahed
2nd Assistant Director: François Lebeau
3rd Assistant Director: Melitta Baumeister
Director of Photography: Jeffrey W. Hagerman
Editor: Paul Jung
Colorist/VIT: Dustin Wadsworth / dustinwadsworth.com/
Gaffer: Matt Suter
1st Camera Operator: Keith Putnam
2nd Camera Operator: Dave Dumas
Camera Assistant: Tsyen Shen
DIT: Alex Zielinski
Production Designer: Stewart Gerard / stewartgerard.com
Set Decorator: Dylan Angel
Art Department PA: Wright Daniel
Video Model: Loammi Goetghebeur
Makeup: Samantha Lau / samanthalaumakeup.com/
Hair: Shannon Wall
Styling: Ashely Owens / grandpastyle.com
Styling Assistant: Ann Christine Kjer Christensen
Wardrobe by: Narciso Rodriguez
PA: Francesca Mirra francescamirra.com

Special thanks to
May Lin Le Geoff / COLONY Studios Brooklyn / colonystudiosbk.com/

This video was made possible by COLONY Studios Brooklyn and CSi Rentals as part of COLONY Sessions. New York. 2014